Did Bill Pearl Take Steroids?

The Golden age bodybuilding is the combination of a lot of things like the classic physiques and different famous engaging personalities.

The bodybuilders from 1950 and 1960 refer to as they have an Iron age and aesthetic physique.

It is famous that the bodybuilders did everything by following the natural methods.

The bodybuilders from that era claimed as natural and maybe you are going to believe for this statement.

Bill Pearl is one of the names of famous old bodybuilders in the bodybuilding.

But, the best way is to understand the basic facts and to read out the physical evidence.

The name of old-school bodybuilders use as an example for most of the individuals that it can be achieved without using steroid.

Who Is Bill Pearl?

Bill is one of the biggest bodybuilders. The idol and influences of the Bill Pearl are Steeve Reeves, Clancy Ross, And John Grimek.

The profession is a bodybuilder, gym owner, author, and the mentor. The era of bodybuilding is 1950, 1960, and 1970.

Later on, Bill was influenced by other bodybuilders like Leo Stern who guides him about the equipment and the weightlifting.

Bill gives credits and respects his personal life, the bodybuilding career as well as the over rounded personality.

The genuine or Legendary Bill’s physique is very fame and can be appreciated by many people and a woman on the street.

The muscular physique of Bill is an inspiration source for most of the individuals.

From an early age, Bill had an intense desire to stay up the strong and continuously try to find out the hardest job to build up the muscle and improved the strength.

He has worked a lot to earn the money. Bill had played many games like softball, school swimming team, and track.

Does Bill Pearl Use The Anabolic Steroids?

We do not know the actual situation but, if we are going to predict so, looking at his body for the steroids sign are the best way.

Bolo Yeung was a massive action star, but could he have been a bodybuilder?

The Bill body is not huge like a monster or a beast as compared to the average look.The looks of muscle are very defined and aesthetic.

He has the six Abs on his body. The vascularity is not increased as compared to the natural.

Bill Pearl Statistics:

  • Weight of the body: 235-245lbs (106.6-111.1kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’10’’ (177.5cm)

Body Measurements:

  • Arms size: 21’’
  • Chest: 53’’
  • Year of birth: 1930

The natural and recommended range for 5’10 man is 170lbs or 77kg. There is a difference of the 65lbs.

The 65lbs is typical to gain naturally but, the use of anabolic steroids with the workout and nutrition can definitely help you to gain.

When he was young, the arms size of Bill Pearl is 17 to 18 inches which is considered as the best for a teenager.

Just be realistic and remember that not all of your dianabol cycle will be true and permanent lean mass.

His size of arms getting transformed and took some time for the transformation. Bill had aimed to publish in the strength and Healthy magazine.

The Aging:

Bill Pearl today is around the age of 73 years of old, he still continues the life of bodybuilding and the lifestyle.

The bodybuilding life is hard to continue when you begin to old. The main reason is that the level of testosterone begins to reduce.

The testosterone is the main hormone in the bodybuilding that can help you to build up the muscle mass and other goals.

Means, he definitely took help from anabolic steroids “Testosterone Pills”to fulfill the goals.

Bill Pearl Has Talked About Steroids:

Bill has stated that he takes the steroid but, never try to use it again.

It is difficult to believe that someone is free from steroids because Arnold and Sergio Olivia have the greatest physique after using the anabolic steroid.

Both of the legends have admitted steroid use. Bill Pearl’s has superior genetics like the others. He has really stop taking the steroid and remained as natural.

Bill Steroids:

In the golden age, the most common anabolic steroids are testosterone and Dianabol that are used for the bulking.

Winstrol and Anavar are the cutting steroids.

Back in the golden age, they were using the anabolic steroids in a moderate range. The average amount of the anabolic steroid is never associated to a monster size, and the Photoshop or 3D look.

Even, they do not need to run the PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) due to low doses of the anabolic steroid during a cycle.

Bill Pearl Workout:

Bill was a technical bodybuilder and his workouts are the best way to achieve a powerful physique.

His workout looks like:

The Workout Training
Monday Full Body Workout
Tuesday Chest And Back
Wednesday Full Body Workout
Thursday Legs And Shoulders
Friday Full Body Workouts
Saturday Arms
Sunday Rest

This is not a complete list of the exercises.

There are many other workout rules to apply:

  • It is important to train the calves, forearms, Abs, Biceps, and the neck every day.
  • Before starting the workout, it is your aim to set up the 18-20 sets and the 8-10 reps.
  • The intense types of workout can last for the hours at a time.

He has an ability to lift up the 450lbs for Bench Press, 310lbs for a seated press, and the 605lbs for squats.


Never forget to take the sleep and relaxation to build up the muscle and to improve the strength.

He has recommended the eight to ten hours of sleep at every night.The full sleep in the night can help you to give the best results.


Despite workouts, Pearl has recommended the sleep of eight and ten hours without any disturbance.

The regular sleep can help you to give the better results in a bodybuilding.

Before starting the workout, you need to set up the reps, sets, and manage the rest time period.

By keeping a book allow you to track the records of the bodyweight.

After a few weeks of the training, if you did not observe any type of changing so, there is a need to look at the lifestyle.

The workout routine and the nutrition are a real reason behind the lack of progress.

First of all, you need to fix these workout routine and the nutrition.

Mental Attitude:

Bill Pearl focuses the proper mental health for the training plan.

First of all, you need to positive for the daily activities, mental health, and all of the daily activities.

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The positive attitude gives your body to make a better person.This workout routine is an old-school type.

Bill basically prefers the tried and best methodology to getting bigger and strong while there are no any shortcut, gimmicks and the easy split workout routines.

You just need to do the heavy barbell over the years.

The Bulking, And Power:

The Bill Pearl physique is similar to the Larry Scott and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For the bulking and power, the workout routines is full of the compound lifts.

The training has consisted of three-six weeks workouts per week.

Bill has prescribed this type of workout routine for the beginners and intermediate as well to build up the size, strength, and muscles.

The Diet:

In the very first, he prefers a lot of meat, fresh, and whole foods like many other classic bodybuilders

His breakfast is including the 50-75g of protein, carbohydrates, and the fats.

The recommended calories of Bill Pearl is 2, 400 – 2,800 k calories and 5000 kcal is increasing to stimulate the growth.

For some people, prescription weight loss drugs may help.

If you don’t want to count the calories so, try to incorporate the four or five meals per day.

But at the age of 39, he had found that the food choices that he makes are not good.

During his career, Bill has consulted the fitness for all kinds of group.

The most important meals is an egg, vegetables, and some kinds of the fruit.

There are about 6-7 scrambled eggs, honeydew, and the watermelon


Bill is a great example in the bodybuilding. There are a lot of things that you can pick up from his lifestyle.

If we are going to predict the summary, Bill had done steroid practice for a very short period of time and then stop taking the drugs.

Bill has done similar to other bodybuilders as Arnold, Serge, and Rich or maybe they are the guys of the same boat.

We can say that Bill is a genetically freak and achieve most of the goals through hardworking.


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